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Our Master Vendor Recruitment System and all agreements are held with Ludlow Executive Search & Selection, as Ludlow Executive Search & Selection knows the client's culture and the type of financial professional they are seeking to employ.

Ludlow Executive Search & Selection will never outsource your financial vacancies to third party suppliers.

When you join our Preferred Client programme and Ludlow Executive Search & Selection manage your financial recruitment for you, we will NEVER outsource or disclose your vacancies to any third parties.

Ludlow Executive Search & Selection work hard to source and network the very BEST Finance & Accountancy Professionals using state of the art WEB 2.0 applications, attracting passive jobs seekers and those "hard to find candidates", so as we deliver on your expectations on time every time.

Our Master Vendor System and all agreements are held solely with Ludlow Executive Search & Selection, as we have a detailed understanding of our client's cultures and the type of professionals required to their vacancies

We work in partnership with our clients, tailoring every search specific to you needs and goals.

Ludlow Executive Search & Selection deliver on time every time, keeping the client and candidate fully informed of what we are doing and how their application is being progressed.

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