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Many clients think that they are NOT BIG enough to warrant a Master Vendor to help them in times of need to find that Financial Services and Accountancy professional. Instead they field 100's of calls a week from recruiters, wasting time and money. Some adopt a Preferred Supplier Agreement, with many having generalists recruiting for their senior Financial Services and Accountancy vacancies, but this is not only counterproductive, but can often be expensive, especially when your Preferred Supplier Agreement has 10 recruitment companies on it.

At Ludlow Executive Search & Selection we offer our Master Vendor Agreement to all clients, from SME's to PLC's. We are not interested in the size of company, it's about saving our clients' money and adding TRUE value to their Financial Services team.

Having Ludlow Executive Search & Selection as your Master Vendor for permanent Financial Services and Accountancy recruitment STOPS the infiltration of constant recruiter calls. It frees up company time, allowing your hiring managers to get on with what they are good at, with the added security of knowing that they have a TRUE industry specialist working on sourcing the BEST Talent in the background.

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