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" We care about what matters "

Why Choose Us


From the very moment a client approaches the Ludlow Executive Search & Selection FinTech, Blockchain, GRC and Financial Executive Search teams, they can rest assured that the person they are speaking with, has a thorough understanding of what they require. All of our Team are from a Finance, Accountancy and GRC background.

We 'tailor' a highly transparent plan for each client. Individually designed to fit their specific requirements. As every company is different, so is every search. We completely understand this hugely important factor.

Every search is started "FRESH". Albeit we have an extensive database of actively seeking jobseekers and passive jobseekers – we believe starting "FRESH" is the only way forward.

Every headhunter will only work 1 or 2 assignments at any one time. We believe in "Exclusivity". It makes your search a more personal one – it keeps the headhunter focussed and ensures the integrity of your search and final short list. By doing this it generates speed and urgency for our clients and realistic dedication to source the very best talent.

"We do not work" on multiple head hunting searches. Why? This is not about a CV race, this is about delivering quality on time, with real commentary on every candidate short listed.

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